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Customer-oriented approach. We create honest and long term relationships with our customers for our mutual benefit.  

Responsibility towards Consumers. We continually strive to reduce our costs, so that we can keep our prices low and competitive, maintaining simultaneously the high quality of our products. Our products have directions for safe use and are marked accordingly, always in compliance with the current legislation.  

Quality. We conduct thorough research and develop advanced products, aiming to cover the needs of our customers and of the local societies.

Development. We aim to continuously improve our performance and achieve profitability and successful growth.

Our People. We genuinely invest in our people; provide appropriate resources for the development of their potential and dynamics and offer equal opportunities, regardless of race, nationality, color, ethnicity, sex, age, and disability.

Integrity. Our stable moral values lead our business path.

Team Spirit & Collaboration. Our staff works for the common good of the company. We promote team spirit through interdepartmental cooperation and communication.

Environmental Care. We operate responsibly under environmental concern.

Social Responsibility. We treat all social groups and human values, with respect and dignity.