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1.Mold stains on walls  

To remove mold stains from the walls, first wipe them with a clean rag and then apply Endless Chloro Ultra with a damp cloth. 


2.For vibrant dark colors

 If you want to keep your dark clothes looking vibrant for a long time, use Endless Super Black that helps the fibers of your clothes maintain their color intact. Its special formula with color stabilizer cleans, and preserves the color intensity of your dark clothes.    


3.For woolen and sensitive clothes

 Check on the clothes’ labels before washing and ironing. For hand washing, dissolve the recommended dosage of Endless Care with cold or lukewarm water and wash gently. For machine washing select the right program cycle and avoid spinning at high revs. Hang your clothes horizontally to dry.  

4.Sparkling glasses with no stains

 For sparkling glasses without stains, wash them using Endless Dishwashing Liquid, in high temperature water and then dry them on a towel upside-down. The hot water evaporates quickly, minimizing stains from the water salts.   


5.Crystal clean windows and mirrors

Don't clean your windows under direct sunlight, because they will stain and lose their translucence. Spray them with Endless Clear Action and wipe the surfaces with horizontal or vertical strokes towards the same direction.


6.Save energy during laundry

 Do not overfill your washing machine. Use Endless Active, which is ideal for both your whites and your colored clothes. Fill the drum up to ¾ and use the recommended dosage which is written on the back of the bottle.  


7.Hygiene practices for your clothes

 To maintain your clothes clean and hygienic, wash them at 60°C or 90°C. However, you can still achieve an acceptable hygiene level even at 30°C or 40°C by using detergents of excellent quality containing bleaching agents. Iron the clothes, even your underwear, with steam. Do not forget that humidity caused by wet clothes left in the machine’s drum favor bacterial growth. Hang your clothes to dry immediately after washing and leave the machine’s door open for the water to evaporate.  


8.Cleaning your oven

 If there is oil, grease or liquids spilled in your oven, clean them immediately before they burn. Cleaning the hob and the oven can be tricky and requires specialized products, such as the Endless Oven & Grill, that thoroughly and easily cleans your household appliances.


9.Salt stains in the bathroom

 If you want to keep your surfaces shiny and free of scratches, apply Endless Anti-calc Bath Use cleaner on a soft towel or sponge.